About us

“I always felt through the experience of attempting to furnish my own home, that finding interesting furniture was very time consuming, and even if i did manage to locate an item, it usually cost more than i wanted to pay. 

I sensed that i could address these problems by bringing together my admiration for beautiful objects, craftsmanship, and my own belief in delivering outstanding value for money for other like-minded individuals.

So Scoutabout began, with a smile and a plan. To stock well sourced, well crafted furniture at the lowest possible prices. My selection process begins with a broad view on the best items available across Great Britain, Europe and parts of Asia.

You can be sure to find the best selections of what is now known as Shabby-Chic Furniture and French Reproduction Furniture, alongside glamorous Venetian Mirrored Furniture and mind-blowing artisan Metal Furniture from Rajastan.

All in all, I hope what i have managed to source will bring you even closer to creating your perfect space at home”.

Jools - Owner and Furniture Scout, Scoutabout Interiors

Jools, Owner, Scout About Interiors 

Owner and Furniture Scout, Scoutabout Interiors.